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  • Turkey Hunting Tips and Tactics (15 year old author)

    “It’s about that time of year when the woods light up full of excitment all the creatures come out looking around excited birds are singing bug’s are chirping and most of all the good ol wild turkey start’s gobbling! It’s been a long hard cold winter hunter’s have been waiting all year for this moment to hear the first gobble of the year! They get to break out their slate, crystal, friction, mouth and box call’s and start tuning them up to bring in the bif ol tom strutter! Turkey hunting is the most popular hunting in the world today. The feeling of hearing the first gobble and looking out into the field or hard woods and hearing the big ol long beard spitting and druming, gobbling and double gobbling as your speaking the language to him with your call’s that you have been practicing with all year is just incredible having your heart beating like a marching band in a parade. Turkey hunting is my favorite you cant beat going out in the woods on a early spring morning listening to toms gobble and breaking out your calls and calling in a big strutter. Just being in the woods listening to the Gobbling and calling makes it! If you kill one that’s just iceing on the cake, getting to come back and tell all your buddy’s the story, man what would we do without turkey hunting!

    Tips and Tactics- To kill a big ol tom it takes alot of skill and you have to know what your doing! You have to know when to call, what call to use at the right time, and how loud to call. You have to be careful because you can very easily over call. You can kill turkeys in both woods and fields but there isnt nothing like hunting them on a nice freshly grown green weat field. Decoys are another good source to bring a strutter in close, but depending on the area and the population of turkey’s in the area you have to know what decoys to use. In some area’s if you use big full strutt decoys it will intimidate them and they will be afraid to come into them. That’s why I think just 1 jake decoy and 2 hen decoy’s which I call the “love triangle” is all you need. Another good thing to do to help bag a tom is to go out the night before with a owl call and roost one so you will know where they will be at the next morning to all you will have to di is get there early set up and work your magic from there! When you get a gobbler to strike up and gobble back to one of your call’s, and then he just shut’s up you better get your gun up and ready because 99.9% of the time the gobbler is on his way and he’s going to appear out of nowhere and if your not ready it’s to late he’s going to bust you and it’s going to be all over. That’s why it’s always important to be ready and prepared at all times! Turkey hunting takes alot of patience and alot of time in the woods. Some day’s it could take you thirty minutes to kill one, some day’s it could take you 3 hours, and some days you might not even see one at all. That’s why when you do see one you have to make everything perfect make it count and dont move a muscle!

    Virginia Game and Fish Magazine

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